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When faced with infertility, we are often forced to challenge our original thoughts on family. It's always good to know your options, not just in terms of fertility treatments, but also the many other ways to build a family. This is the place to learn more about adoption, surrogacy, and child free living.
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All About Surrogacy
Considering becoming parents via surrogacy? Learn everything you need to know here, including the what to expect during the process, why surrogacy may be needed, and expected costs.

15 Ways to Make Children Part of Your Life Beside Parenthood
There are many ways you can be an important part of a child's life. Parenting is only one of them. Explore this list of possibilities and changed your life and another child's.

Surrogacy definitions can be confused, but it's essential you understand them before you seek a surrogacy arrangement. Learn about the different terms for surrogacy here.

Becoming a Surrogate
Wondering what to takes to become a surrogate? Learn here!

5 Ways to be an Awesome Aunt
You don't have to wait to have your own kids to get involved in the life of a child. Here are 5 ways to be an awesome aunt to your sister or friend's children.

Before You Make the Decision to Adopt
If you’re beginning to consider adoption as a way to build your family, you probably have lots of questions. In this information packed article, Carrie Craft, About.com’s Guide to Adoption, lists the most common questions asked when deciding whether or not to adopt, along with possible answers.

Making the Decision to Live Childfree
There may come a time in your struggles with infertility when you decide to stop treatments and aim to live a childfree life. While sadness and grief will certainly arise during a time like this, there are many pluses to making this choice that you might not have considered yet. This article from RESOLVE talks about what positive changes to expect after making this big decision.

Questions to Ask About Surrogacy Programs
Considering surrogacy? Before you commit to a surrogacy program, there are a number of questions you should ask. RESOLVE offers a list of possible questions here.

At AdoptUSKids.org, you’ll find information and support on choosing adoption, as well as a database of American children and prospective adoptive parents. More than 8,000 children have been placed together with an adoptive family through AdoptUSKids.org.

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