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What Is Male Infertility?

Learn about male infertility, including treatments, causes, and diagnosis.

7 Things Every Man Should Know About Fertility

How much do you really know about your fertility? Learn seven things every man should know about fertility, even years before deciding to have a baby.

What Is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)?

What is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)? Learn the causes, symptoms, and treatments are for this potentially deadly disease.

Symptoms of Infertility

Most couples won't know they are infertile until they try unsuccessfully for a year. But some will show signs and symptoms of infertility earlier on. Learn if you're at risk for infertility here.

What Are My Chances of Having Twins?

What are your chances of having twins? Whether you've taken fertility drugs, "feel" like it's twins, or have a family history, learn what increases the odds of a twin pregnancy.

What Are Gonadotropins?

Learn about fertility treatment with gonadotropins, including risks, success rates, and cost.

Fertility Drugs

Fertility drugs are medications that are used to influence ovulation. Some fertility drugs are meant to strength or trigger ovulation, while others suppress ovulation. Learn more about fertility drugs, and their risks, in this article.

Twin Pregnancy Risks

Twin pregnancy comes with risk, both to the mother and babies. Learn more about twin pregnancy risks here.

Signs of Ovulation

Learn seven ways to detect signs of ovulation. Signs of ovulation aren’t difficult to notice, once you know what to look for. Some signs of ovulation help warn you that ovulation is approaching, allowing you to time sex for pregnancy. Other signs of ovulation let you know that ovulation has passed.

ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

ICSI, which is pronounced ick-see, stands for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. ICSI may be used as part of an IVF treatment. Learn all about ICSI treatment, including why it's used, whether it's safe, and how successful ICSI treatment can be.

What Is IUI Treatment?

Learn all about IUI treatment, what IUI is, how IUI works, and about IUI treatment success rates.

Clomid Treatment

Learn about clomid treatment, twins and other side effects, success rates, and what happens if Clomid doesn't work.

All About Infertility Treatment

Learn all about infertility treatment in this article. There are a wide variety of infertility treatment options for couples experiencing infertility today, everything from the low-tech use of fertility drugs to the high tech, and expensive, use of assisted reproductive technologies. In this article on treatments of infertility, I explain in laymen’s terms the most commonly used infertility treatments, along with a few statistics on their respective success rates.

All About Laparoscopy for Infertility

Diagnostic laparoscopy is one way your doctor may evaluate and treat your infertility, especially if endometriosis is suspected. Learn everything you need to know about laparoscopy in this article.

What to Expect During Fertility Tests

Fertility tests are an essential part of fertility evaluation and treatment. Through testing, your doctor can possibly discover what’s preventing you and your partner from achieving pregnancy. Learn more about fertility tests for men and women in this article.

When Clomid Does Not Achieve Ovulation

What if clomid doesn't work for you? If you're not ovulating on clomid, there may be things you and your doctor can do to boost your chances of success. Learn what here.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Pregnant After 35?

You've heard it's not easy to conceive after 35, but what does the research say? Also, a surprising fact about age and your male partner.

What Is Endometriosis?

What is endometriosis? Learn about endometriosis symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatment here.

All About Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Blocked fallopian tubes are a common cause of infertility. Are there symptoms? Are you at risk? Learn more here.

All About Ovulatory Dysfunction and Anovulation

What does anovulation look like? What are the signs and symptoms, and what can be done about it? Learn more here.

IVF and the Two Week Wait

Your questions answered on bleeding, cramps, stress, pregnancy symptoms and testing, bed rest, sex, and coping during your IVF Two Week Wait -- the longest two weeks of your life!

Varicocele and Infertility

Varicoceles are the most common cause of male infertility. The good news? They are often treatable. Learn about symptoms, treatments, and post-repair pregnancy rates.

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

Think you're having symptoms of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome? While OHSS is typically mild, it can become life threatening. Learn what you need to know here.

Talking About Infertility With Your Children

Secondary infertility isn't only hard on parents -- it can also be hard on the kids who are eager for a baby brother or sister. Here's how to handle discussion of this sensitive topic.

15 Ways to Make Children Part of Your Life Beside Parenthood

Parenthood is just one way to be part of a child's life. Here are more than 15 ways to get involved with children. Change your life as you help a child!

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