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Rachel Gurevich

Love and Fertility

By February 14, 2014

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Valentine's Day could in some ways be a perfect holiday for the fertility challenged, as it doesn't require any children to enjoy or celebrate. On the other hand, infertility can wreak havoc on your love life. This may mean that romance and even fun sex (let alone passionate sex) is far, far from your mind.

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If infertility has strained your romantic life, take heart in knowing you're not alone, and it's a very common reaction. Then, imagine that you can take your infertile-self ... you know, the one that feels broken and ashamed and just not sexy ... and put it aside. Just for a moment.

What would you find hiding underneath?

Think back to the days when you maybe were just falling in love with your partner. Think back to before you were trying to conceive. What was sex like then? What was romance like then? Talk about it with your partner, and feel free to really be nostalgic about it all.

Then, if you're feeling brave, do a little reenactment. It's ok if you're not feeling it - you ever watch those reenactments on television? I'm sure you'll do a better job than that.

Hopefully you'll find yourself laughing, and maybe you'll even set off a few loving sparks.

Looking for something to do for Valentine's Day, but don't feel like going out? According to a new study, watching a romantic movie and then discussing it afterwards may help couples.

Maybe some Netflix is just what the doctor ordered.

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