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Rachel Gurevich

A Negative Side Effect of Timed Intercourse: Erectile Dysfunction and Extramarital Affairs

By June 19, 2012

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Timing sex for ovulation may possibly boost your chances of getting pregnant, but it's not necessary. Frequent sex can often be good enough. While timed sex has been known to be stressful on couples, not many may realize a serious consequence of the stress - erectile dysfunction or extramarital affairs.

A study published by Journal of Andrology in May looked at the effect stress caused by timed sex caused men, specifically incidences of erectile dysfunction and extramarital sex, Of 188 men, 42.8% experienced erectile dysfunction and 10.7% had an extramarital sex. The researchers found that increasing the episodes of timed intercourse increased the erectile dysfunction (ED), the extramarital sex, and avoidance of timed sex sessions. (Interesting note: All the men who had sex outside of the relationship also had been experiencing ED.)

In my article on how often to have sex to get pregnant, I offer two methods: The Ready Aim Fire Method (timed sex to target ovulation) and the Spread the Wealth Method (sex three times a week, all month long). If the Ready, Aim, Fire Method is stressing you and your partner out, switching to the Spread the Wealth Method is important.

What's your experience with timed sex been? Do you find it stressful? Feel free to leave a comment below, you don't have to use your real name. I'd love to hear from you!

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