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Rachel Gurevich

Is Sex Worthy of Research Dollars?

By February 5, 2012

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Love and fertility matter.

While browsing the news sites, I spotted an article entitled, "Why I Orgasmed in an MRI Scanner." Who can resist reading an article with a title like that? I mean, totally from a research perspective, of course.

The article isn't so much about why the author orgasmed in the MRI, but more about people's reactions to research studies on sex and sexuality. The author, Kayt Sukel, writes that people seem to think funding research on sex isn't worthwhile, not when things like cancer are around to study.

Sukel believes sexuality is worth studying, and I have to say I agree. Sex is a vital part of our lives. In fact, we don't have "life" without it. Even with IVF, which some may say takes the sex out of conception, it's still based on sexuality. The desire to conceive children is at least partially based in sexual desire. Animals instinctively seek out sex in order to mate and make more animal babies. So do humans, in our own complicated way.

Sexuality also plays a role in fertility, and it's a role that's not quite clear yet. We will never find out what role it plays without research.

What do you think? Is sexuality worth researching? Share your thoughts in the comments! I'd love to hear from you.

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