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Just What Does a Fertile Cervix Look Like?


Updated June 05, 2014

When you’re trying to detect ovulation, being able to distinguish when your cervix and cervical mucus are in the fertile phase can be very helpful. When your cervix is high, soft and open, and your cervical mucus is stretchy, abundant, and has an egg-white consistency, you are getting closer to ovulation, and it’s time for some babymaking sex.

But what does that mean – high, soft, and open? What does fertile cervical mucus look like?

A student midwife decided to help herself and others see exactly what these changes look like, by taking photos of her cervix throughout her menstrual cycle. With the help of a speculum, her boyfriend (to do the picture taking!), a flashlight, and a digital camera, she has documented the changes on her website, titled My Beautiful Cervix. (I love that title.)

Even those who know how to detect when their cervix and cervical fluids are fertile can benefit from seeing the photos. Plus, it’s fascinating!

You can visit her website with the photos here:

She is also looking for more women that would be willing to participate and send in photos. Check out her website for more information on how you can get involved.

Some people may find the entire idea gross, but I think it’s an inspiring and empowering project. We know so little about our bodies and how they work. In my opinion, her photos give us an opportunity to learn more about our reproductive organs and our fertility.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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